El Paseo Community Garden is one of many Neighborspace protected and community managed spaces in Chicago, maintained by volunteers and donations.  It was founded as Growing Station in 2009 and was constructed on a former brownfield site in the Pilsen neighborhood. The organization manages almost an acre of land between West 21st Street and West Cullerton Street, which includes a permaculture food forest, monarch butterfly prairie, public gathering spaces, and raised beds. Gardening is offered through private allotment beds or collective beds. Collective beds eliminate waiting lists for participation and allow anyone to get involved. Free food beds are included on the perimeter of the collective beds for visitors. The garden hosts stewardship days every weekend for residents to get involved.

Their mission is to strengthen environmental stewardship and civic engagement while protecting equitable green space on behalf of the community. El Paseo grows not only healthy food, but community leaders as well. They partner with residents and local organizations to unite the neighborhood through a variety of accessible programming and events.  Their goal is to Empower through Nature.




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