Interested in beekeeping for El Paseo Community Garden?

This year we are only have a few spots open to gain hands-on beekeeping experience. Those spots will be reserved for those involved in the Urban Agriculture, small business, and/or that are able to possibly host satellite hives. Please email a short letter of interest by April 7th, 2023 to

Learn about clothing recommendations and where to source veils and equipment.

$50 Beekeeping Membership gets you:
Inquire about beekeeping scholarships (limited quantity).

  • Beekeeping Theory course online/in-person 
  • Hands on Practicum from April to November
  • A 4 oz. jar of honey after harvest day
  • Access to the compost program 
  • Free reservation for fire pit and patio (min $25 value)
  • Included in garden internal work group (Slack)
  • Scholarship opportunities for select educational programming
    (must show leadership in El Paseo Garden the year prior to qualify)
  • Membership fees are waived for those who show leadership the year prior.

Beekeeping Theory

  • 1d Beekeeping Course online/in-person
  • Bee Biology Basics
  • Beekeeping Basics 
  • Varroa Mite Management & Treatments 
  • Swarm Prevention Methods   
  • Create a split
  • Winter preparation

Hands-on experience/ Practicum

  • Hive assembly
  • Install a bee package (dependent on the state of hives at start of the season)
  • Basic manual inspection tasks
  • Spot the queen and eggs
  • Identify cells, bees, pollen
  • Assess colony health
  • Pest and disease identification
  • Pest Treatments
  • Split a colony
  • Swarm prevention techniques
  • Feed hive with sugar syrup and pollen patties
  • Honey harvest
  • Winter Care