Public Art

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Our neighborhood in Pilsen is undergoing an influx of residential and commercial development that is affecting the cultural and social fabric of the community. This change is surging along our corridor because of the proposed 4-mile El Paseo Trail. While we may not be able to solve this issue for the entire neighborhood, we are actively trying to preserve the culture and community assets within our site. One way we’ve accomplished this is through art. 

Pilsen is known for its art and culture and murals have been the dominant form of artistic expression within the neighborhood for decades. The concept of murals is a sacred topic in our community because of its strong roots in the Chicano movement. Murals in the neighborhood have a history of story-telling and activism. Recently, many murals that have appeared in the neighborhood lack this story-telling aspect and focus purely on aesthetics.  We welcome artists to collaborate in our space that honor this history.

El Abrazo Murals

Shed Installation

Loomis River Bridge