Gardening Membership

Interested in gardening with us?

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Apply to become an Allotment Gardener or Collective Gardener. Deadline to apply is April 12th.

Gardening membership gets you: 

  • Garden tour and required orientation (TBA)
  • Included in garden internal work group (Slack)
  • Free reservation for fire pit and patio (min $25 value)
  • Access to the compost program ($40 value)
  • Discounted Beekeeping membership of $25 ($40 value)
  • Discounted gardening fees are available for those that have shown leadership the year prior. 
  • Scholarship opportunities for select educational programming
    (must show leadership in El Paseo Garden the year prior to qualify)

Allotment Gardening

As an allotment gardener you would receive one 4’x6’ private bed for the season. Availability of open allotment beds will be determined when returning members confirm by April. Any open allotment beds will be assigned by lottery from the submitted applicants. If a bed is unavailable, you are invited to garden in collective beds. You can also get involved by volunteering, composting, and beekeeping or participating in our events and programming.

Membership for allotment beds is $40 for the year and is due upon bed assignment. Membership for Senior beds (aged 55+) is discounted to $25. Gardeners are responsible for their own materials (soil, amendments, seeds, plants, trellising). However, allotment members are offered any excess materials from collective beds. Senior gardeners take precedence in receiving any materials. Limit one bed per household. A limited quantity of discounted beds are available for those in need. 

Garden beds must be closed by November 7th (Daylight Savings). Season extension is available for those that have properly maintained their beds and are planning to return the following year. 

Collective Gardening

In collective gardening, a team of about 15 people maintain 10 raised beds as a group. Each person signs up for a watering day and there are weekly harvest/ work days (last year on Thurs 6pm). Collective members coordinate, seed, maintain, and harvest these beds together. This membership provides more interaction with members and learning opportunities at a much more affordable rate ($25). 


To best serve our immediate community, preference will be given to existing garden members, active volunteers, and those in closest proximity to the garden. Although gardening is a large part of our organization, it is not at the forefront. Our focus is on fostering civic engagement and being stewards of one acre of community-managed land which we protect. All of our members are expected to help nurture and care for our community and land. For this reason we maintain our membership fees at accessible rates. Members must attend at least 3 stewardship days or help with agreed upon tasks to be completed independently. We will host weekly Stewardship Days Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. If you are not able to make this commitment to gardening AND community, please consider participating in our other programs and events instead.

Download and review guidelines to know what is expected. In order to retain a gardening membership, members must comply with the expectations and guidelines. COVID-19 precautions must be followed while in the garden.