Gardening Membership

Interested in gardening with us?

Applications closed for 2022

Apply to become a Collective Gardener February 25th through March 25, 2022. To best serve our immediate community, preference will be given to existing garden members, active volunteers, and those in closest proximity to the garden. 

All of our members are expected to help care for our over an acre of land. Members must attend at least 4 Stewardship Days or help with agreed upon tasks to be completed independently. For this reason we maintain our membership fees at accessible rates. If you are not able to make this commitment to gardening AND community, please consider participating in our other programs and events instead.

Download and review guidelines to know what is expected. In order to retain a gardening membership, members must comply with the expectations and guidelines.

Collective Gardening

In collective gardening, a team maintains the collective areas as a group. Collective members coordinate, seed, maintain, and harvest together. As opposed to traditional allotment gardening, this type of membership provides a shared responsibility with more engagement and learning opportunities. 

This year individual watering days will be eliminated, since drip irrigation is being set up instead. This will allow more emphasis on your group meet-up days Tuesdays or Thursday evenings. More time will be spent maintaining the plants, team building, and learning.

The 10 raised beds are being rebuilt in March and April during Stewardship Days and we will be in need of volunteers.

$25 Gardening membership gets you: 

  • Garden tour and required orientation (TBA)
  • Included in garden internal work group (Slack)
  • Free reservation for fire pit and patio (min $25 value)
  • Access to the compost program ($40 value)
  • Discounted Beekeeping membership of $25 ($40 value)
  • Discounted gardening fees are available for those that have shown leadership the year prior. 
  • Scholarship opportunities for select educational programming
    (must show leadership in El Paseo Garden the year prior to qualify)

Applications closed for 2022