Nuestra Herencia

“Nuestra Herencia” is a Senior Legacy Project that explores histories, gardens, and legacies. This ten-part film series on immigration, growing, and remembering features dear friends and gardeners of El Paseo Community Garden. 

Weaving together ten short documentary films with interviews and footage of life in the garden, each film will feature one senior and their unique story. All films will be subtitled in English and Spanish. In addition to sharing these important stories with the world, we hope to provide an honorarium stipend for participating seniors in gratitude for their time and will be providing them with a flash drive or DVD of the films.

Our project team has begun this work as a labor of love and respect for our fellow members and mentors. Please help us continue this project in 2022 to capture additional legacy stories and compensate our amazing team and seniors. 

Please enjoy a sample of what we intend to produce below. 

The Team:

  • Erin Babbin & Michael Sullivan from On the Real Film
  • Yaritza Guillen
  • Tamara Becerra Valdez
  • Paula Acevedo, co-director El Paseo Community Garden 


  • Omar Ernesto Ramirez Perez
  • Edith Rodriguez