• Do not plant in a bed unless assigned to you and dues have been paid.
  • Members may reserve the picnic area for parties at no cost, but must be present. Non-members must pay a $20 fee when reserving. Follow posted rules (TBA).
  • The sheds are not to be used for personal use. Please do not leave items in there unless approved or for communal use.
  • No container gardening around raised beds. Maintain the perimeter around beds clear for mowing and maintenance.
  • Allotment beds must be closed by Daylight Savings Day. This includes pulling all plants, composting, and mulching with straw, leaves, etc.
  • Please do not add permanent structures or plants (bushes, trees, etc.)
  • Ensure the site remains clean, attractive and safe- this includes not just the garden lot itself but also its sidewalks and walkways. Help pick up trash.
  • Be friendly and engage residents outside the existing core garden group so that a broad cross-section of the community uses the site to its full capacity.
  • No chemical fertilizers, insecticides or weed repellents are allowed.
  • Due to space constraints, squash and crawling plants are limited to one per bed and should only be planted if a trellis is built and the plant is properly maintained.
  • Care and harvest of plants should be consistent to reduce pests, disease and theft.
  • High theft warning on zucchini, tomatoes, melons, and peppers. Plant at your own risk. Recommended to harvest before fruit fully ripens.
  • Use water responsibly. Do not leave water running or overflowing. Make sure hose is rolled up after each use.
  • Be respectful of others’ belongings and plants when working in the garden and do not take what is not yours.
  • If you harvest from shared beds, please help maintain and water them. Be considerate of the amount you harvest. Do not over water.
  • Request assistance to maintain your plot if you will be out of town.
  • Help complete garden tasks from posted task roster in the shed
  • Please clean and return gardening tools to sheds in the same place you found them. Lock shed and close the gate when leaving garden.

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