From its inception in 2009 to today, the space has continued to be shaped by the needs and desires of the surrounding community. Everything provided in the space, from projects to programming, has been made possible through the dedication and hard work of volunteer leaders from the surrounding community. The governance and leadership structure allows for anyone with a desire to make an impact to do so, growing not only healthy food, but community leaders as well.

The outdoor space has become a community center and partner for anyone willing to share accessible community resources. Yoga and meditation began because fellow neighbors, Edith and Cristina, approached the garden leaders to host their programs, and we were able to provide the space and social media outreach to ensure the success of these programs. El Paseo’s Haunted Garden Halloween event began the same way when neighbors, Gaby and Garret, presented the idea of a haunted garden in 2018. El Paseo provided the space and outlet for them to explore their creativity through an annual, family friendly, Halloween event.

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